Day 3 Post Op.

Or maybe it’s day 4. Eitherway, here’s the update:

* I’m feeling way better. 

* I’ve been walking around the house quite a bit. 

* When I stood yesterday I was a little hunched (got operated on my stomach) but today I’m standing straighter and taller.

* The pain’s pretty much non existent (or maybe that’s because of the pain patch I have stuck to my body) and the discomfort (from the stitches) is minimal. 

* I’ve also lost 8 pounds since saturday (woo). Drinking only liquids can do that to you. 

* I’m going to attempt to drive tomorrow, cos I’m sick of being home bound. So even if it’s a short drive, I’m going to get the hell out. 

This is probably going to be my last post op update. Now that I’m feeling better, and more importantly I’m alive (heh), I don’t think there’s any need for personal updates. So if you got any questions just ask.

Again, thank you for the love, support and messages. It means a lot.

Discharged & Home.

I got discharged this morning. 

All my stats were finally normal and they let me go home. I havent eaten in a few days, and i’m finally allowed some soup tomorrow. So woo.

Thank you for all the messages, replies, fan mail and emails. I’ve read each and every one of the messages from my hospital bed. I won’t be able to message everyone back, but really, big thank you. 

So yeah, I think i’ll be back to posting something pretty today. Being home, in my own bed, feels good. 

Post Op Update:

I can only type a little bit, I have IV drips on both hands. 

* the surgery went well. 

* my oxygen levels were really low yesterday, but im okay now.

* I was completely out of it yesterday. Between the anaesthesia, morphin and other medicines, I was an absolute mess. I was also in excruciating pain all of yesterday.

* the nurses and hospital staff have been so unbelievable nice. 

* i get to go home tomorrow morning.


okay thats it. i cant type anymore. the needles in my veins hurt.

So, I checked myself into the hospital a few hours ago. I’m undergoing surgery tomorrow morning at 8am. I can’t go into details about my surgery, but they said some crap about general anaesthesia, stopping my lungs and then I officially zoned out and didn’t hear the rest. 

My current thoughts:

* hospital food sucks. 

* the nurses so far have been really nice. 

* woo sleeping pills.

* these hospital pants were not made for tall girls. They’re so unbelievably short on me. 

* thank god for free wifi at the hospital.

So yeah, thats my update right now. If all goes well I’ll post tomorrow…. ? If not, well, lets not go there right?

Random Musings:

  • I just talked to a friend of mine, and we’re going to give my blog/theme a makeover. I might completely strip my theme apart and go with a new one (maybe sell my current/auction off my current one) or keep the current one and refresh/renew it. I haven’t decided but I’ve already drawn out the initial look of the page. There’s going to be a bunch of navigation buttons. A FAQ page (finally)!! A sponsors sections (so if you have an etsy or small business, email me!). I’m really excited. More updates to come as I progress.
  • I’m also going to give animal blog and micasa a makeover. I have some ideas for both. Is there anyone with free time on their hands that enjoys coding or designing and would like to possibly help me (Pro Bono)? Email me, if you do.